The Webb Story

About us

Doug Webb came to the Wood River Valley in the 1970s to ski. Like most locals, he never left. With his pickup and mower, Doug opened shop in 1972 as the one and only employee of Webb Landscape. Since then, Webb has grown into a diverse business including three retail locations, 50 acres of nursery, a dedicated maintenance and property services team and more than 160 employee owners.

Quality, a spirit of teamwork and a passion for innovation have always been the cornerstones of our company. You can count on us to provide expert service for all your outdoor lifestyle needs knowing that the most innovative techniques are being used to care for your property.

In 2000, Doug noted the dedication of his employees and put the business in their hands by making Webb an employee owned company, motivating the whole team to actively participate in the continuous improvement of Webb. For our customers, this means many more years of high-quality products, services and relationships at a better value than anywhere else. Doug officially retired in 2008.

Awards and Recognition

We are proud to say Webb has been voted Best of the Valley Gold for Best Garden Center and Best Landscape Company for nine consecutive years.


Even before it was fashionable, Webb has been in the business of best practices, adopting earth-friendly techniques within and outside of our company at every opportunity. Stewardship is a foundation of our business.