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Kirsten Hjelm

In 1995, Kirsten Hjelm moved to the Wood River Valley with her family. They were looking for a “small town” environment for their two girls to grow up in.

Kirsten joined the Webb family seven years ago, having been in the retail and customer service industry for 40 years. She initially joined on as the Hailey Garden Center manager, and when the Hailey store closed, she accepted her new position as Nursery Supervisor in the Bellevue store.

Growing up in a house where her mom was “always gardening,” Kirsten grew to love beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. When she lived in the Bay Area, they used to always enjoy going to the annual garden show together.

When not working at Webb, Kirsten can be found spending time in the outdoors with her husband, or hanging out with her grandbabies.