Quaking Aspen

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Deciduous Shrubs

Potted in the spring, in retail by July 1st

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In this greenhouse we produce hanging baskets, patio pots, inserts, other custom made objects

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Quaking Aspen

Year One: Plant Seedbed

We harvest the seeds and bring them to the nursery where they are dried and separated. Then we apply the seeds to their beds and let them grow.

Year Two: Harvest Seedbed

We harvest the seedbeds in the spring before bud break, sort and pot them so they can really start growing.

Years Two to Five: Growing

Depending on the pot size, the trees will grow for a period of anywhere from 1 – 5 years.  Most are rooted within a year but may require more time for the top of the tree to develop.  After one year in a pot, a select group of trees is planted in the ground for our field grown tree program.

Year five to seven: Harvest field

After 5 – 7 years the field grown trees are ready to harvest and sell.  We dig them with a tree spade and wrap them with burlap and wire.  They are then staged in sawdust until they sold.

Deciduous Shrubs

bareroot starts

New bareroot shrubs arrive early in the spring.  Pruned and potted, they will be ready by July 4th.


With the new plants potted and growing, last years inventory needs some love.  They are spaced, fertilized and trimmed to get them off to a good spring start.  Ready for the early bird gardeners.

fully stocked

4th of July and all the shrubs in the nursery are fully rooted and ready for sale.  Unlike most garden centers, this is our peak inventory.

putting the nursery to bed

Before winter arrives the nursery must be prepared for winter.  All the shrubs are packed together for insulation and fenced off to protect from wildlife damage.  Waiting for next spring and a new beginning.


Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are custom designed by Webb with the latest and best performing  plant varieties. With over 25 designs  to choose from and over 3000 planted, you’re sure to find your favorite.

Patio Pots

Ever changing custom designs with curb appeal galore, grown for three months in our warm greenhouses so they are full and ready to go for instant gratification in May and June.


Plants that return year after year are one of the best joys of gardening! Webb carries hardy varieties that survive our snowy winters and perform best all summer, with  large inventories of old favorites, as well as new introductions each year.